Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ethics and the Field

Two days ago we had a lecture from an Israeli Colonel, Bentzi Gruber, about the Israel Defense Force’s ethics when in combat. There were a lot of things that he said that just made sense, yet no one in the room ever thought about them before. It was all based around how much force should be used to accomplish the mission, and how the force can’t be used if innocent civilians would be hurt. He also gave us the numbers on how many rockets were shot into Israel. The numbers were outstanding, 2,910 in 2007, 2,735 in 2008, 300 in 2009, and 1,656 in the last year. He displayed how they stopped a lot of these rockets from happening with strategic strikes. Forty percent of the rockets the IDF fired were directed midflight however, because civilians were brought in.  With the help of the Iron Dome, these strikes were able to bring down these rocket numbers to only twenty two rockets fired into Israel so far this year.  

Due to the reduced numbers, the border towns near the Gaza Strip have been able to relax a little, not have to worry about the sirens going off twenty times a day. But as I started to think that there might be a little peace here, six more rockets were shot into Sderot yesterday. I don’t care what side of the issue anyone is on, these rockets need to stop.

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