Saturday, June 22, 2013

Israeli Hot Here

Americans consider mental illness a serious issue, specifically reoccurring in American news today with recent bombings and shootings throughout the country. While in the Islamic world children are raised with a mentality for death. Not just death upon Jews, but death to themselves with a reward waiting for them on the other side of what they call ‘heaven’. Today we visited the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center where we saw firsthand, rockets that were shot into the State of Israel. These thieves of life make it evident that passion, time, and effort can be strived towards the completion of a rudimentary object. An object so basic to complete but completely capable of destroying lives. 

Today we learned that in order to fight or communicate you have to know your neighbors and enemies, as well as their language and culture. Witnessing photographs and videos of children handed guns and celebrating death allowed me to be in an astonished state. Coming from a country and culture where I was taught to cherish my life, it’s been a struggle to understand this mentality. I know continue on my journey through Israel with an open mind for both sides of the story. 


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