Tuesday, June 25, 2013

By Anonymous




Today at the shooting range I came in with previous knowledge that paintball will be all fun and games. In my past history in paintball, I always took it as a serious game that it extremely fun and strategic. But I never put myself in the shoes of that the game could actually be a real life situation that can either kill your enemies or result in your death. So today as the captain was going over the rules and safety of the game, he was also going over the real life situations that were going on in the battle field. We were honored to learn some of the positioning and stances that the real soldiers practice and their routine of entering and clearing a room. Although we may have learned them, I have to say it was pretty hysterical watching my fellow colleagues practicing these maneuvers. Even though we knew the moves, the drill definitely showed us that all the training takes immense practice and patience, that's why they took us to the field so we know what the Israeli soldiers have to go through almost every day. When we were done with all the training the captain let us practice the drill with two teams. We were to practice all the skills that we learned today and implement them in the actual game. This is where it became really serious. I watched every step to make sure I didn't get shot because I knew a shot in the arm, leg, or the torso could possible make me lose an arm, leg, or lead to my death. This drill really put a different focus in my head, making me think that this is a serious training operation that could save many lives with serious practice and training. I applaud the Israeli army for handling the terrorist groups and taking all precaution to prevent civilian casualties when they are in the heat of the fire.

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