Monday, June 24, 2013

BlueStar in the West

BlueStar in the West 

As the Old City of Jerusalem fades into the distance and the roads of deserts lead the BlueStar group further and further into the unknown territory of the West Bank. The ominous feeling of awe and shock overwhelm the bus. Driving thought the check points and the winding roads of the West bank leading to the Caliber 3 Academy, a counter terrorism training facility. Here we were taught strategic counter terrorist techniques used by the army to train special brigades and civilian guards. Being able to go thought the same training that Israeli Defense Force soldiers go through was quite an experience.  First learning the proper shooting stance and how to property hold a weapon. Then we combined the two in a strategic game of paintball, used to simulate what it would be like to fight a terrorist in close quarters combat.  

Our next stop in the West Bank was a winery of Psagot. Here we learned about the history of the winery. When we left the winery we traveled through the Jordan valley. This was one of the more fascinating parts of the trip. Seeing the barren land of the desert and the pop of life with the Bedouin tribes just appearing out of nowhere. The change from the desert to the sudden tree filled mountains was breathtaking. Even though we were just traveling to our next stop I was fascinated with the change in landscape and how on one side was Jordan and on the other Israel. The rapid change in landscape and history was astounding. With in twenty minutes of driving up Israel a person can see history change before their eyes.          


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