Monday, June 24, 2013

Growing The Future

Around the world, people of various nations are born, live, and pass on in the same area of land that they are familiar with.  They have a deep connection with the land, one that is respected, and that respect is passed on from them to their children, and their children’s children.  Growing fruits and vegetables on your land is one aspect of home that I am very familiar with.  I grew up in far Northern California on homegrown fruits and vegetables, and we also raised our own beef and had chickens for eggs.  Since being in the State of Israel, I have observed many of the people here who have a love for their land, a strong attitude to defend it, and a respect for the land by caring for it. 
We attended a lecture at a winery today in the town of Psagot, in the West Bank.  We finished off by sneaking in a bit of wine tasting after the lecture.  By growing grapes with the intention of picking them at the right time, so they will produce the best juice for fermenting into wine, requires due care and attention.  That same care and attention for the land and crops is prevalent throughout Israel.  Ysrael Leiter, the speaker at our lecture, informed us that Israel has a very advanced system of agriculture, so advanced that the speaker just arrived back from a political visit to Paraguay.  The president of Paraguay had asked Leiter during the visit to bring their system of agriculture to Paraguay in order that the people there can better grow their crops to feed their malnourished people.  Throughout our trip, our group has observed agriculture within Israel that other nations of the world should be jealous of.  Israel is striving to be as completely self-dependent as it can in all areas, and doesn’t slack when it comes to agriculture.  I have seen flowers, fruits, and vegetables during our travels for the trip.  I am impressed by the due care and attention of the people who take care of the land in order that they can use it over and over to provide healthy food for their own people.  Several times while walking on the streets and sidewalks of several cities and towns, I stopped and purchased fruit that had been grown locally.  The fruit looked good, and tasted even better.
During my world travels to other nations, I have seen people who have respected and cared for their land, and those who have done the opposite.  I believe the Israel falls in the former category of caring for their land.  The world will notice more and more the success that Israel has achieved in agriculture, and can hopefully gain enough world recognition in order to bring their agricultural success to impoverished nations around the world.  Oh, and the wine from the winery was very good.

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