Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Writing in the Light of the Moon

Demanded by my fathers and guaranteed by my governing document, freedom of speech and press has come to represent America and those who bear the title "American". Inasmuch, Americans citizens, including myself, often assume that this is a global right reserved by all. Certainly one will be surprised to hear about the state of media and journalism under Hamas, the president of the controlling entity of Palestine. According to Palestinian journalist Khaled Abu, Tomeh who observes Hamas and Palestine, journalists can meet with aggression and violence. He stated that " You can write an anti-Israeli government article and walk around in down town Jerusalem without fearing for your safety; you can't in Palestine". Certainly, one's mind begins to reel with the possibilities of the implication of such a policy in America; under this policy the entire Tea Party's feet would dangle  over the entry way to the White House; even though some of us may not mind in this case democracy dies along with these extremists. The Hamas officials are additionally immune to persecution and incrimination; Tomeh stated that "In Israel a reporter can send any government official to jail but in the Arab world an official can withstand  any accusation". Centuries of freedom of the press has spoiled us and led to the assumption that our prosperity is global; but in the brink of the opposite truth democracy is simply impossible in the Middle East. As Americans we can agree that  this is simply unacceptable in a world moderated by the United Nations and humanitarian intentions.

The people of Palestine deserve more.



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