Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dirty Hands

The knob of a faucet squeaks as a young girl in Palestine attempts to wash her muddied hands before she eats her first meal of the day; but the faucet produces nothing but noise and dust. This poor Palestinian is suffering the scorn of her governing force, Hamas. The ruling Palestinian force has shut off the water to the citizens under Hamas rule while its officers cool themselves in ice cold showers, smiling as the rockets made from citizens water pipes scream toward the people of Israel. Certainly this is only a single perspective to a very complex issue and Israel is not an entity of purity and absolute truth. Obviously, one must consider those who claim to be pro-Palestine advocates and how their agenda effects the issues that plague the Middle East. When one hears the term pro-Palestine one may envision a group who attempts, through humanitarian methods, to better Palestine, but no such actions take place. Pro-Palestine advocates, by definition, should support democracy, education, social care, clean air and water, and freedom of speech and press; not dissolving Israel and supporting a man who mistreats his citizens. In effect, those who would dissolve Israel and support the oppression of basic human rights are not Pro-Palestine or humanitarian;  I am Pro-Palestinian. I wish health and equal rights for those who share my planet. One may find that there are few true Pro-Palestinian individuals but rather advocates of the dismantlement of the state of Israel which in the mind of many is neither a humanitarian or righteous mission.



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