Thursday, June 20, 2013

Different Countries Similar Past


            The place where the idea of a Jewish country was created; where the struggles of the Jewish people experienced through decades of belittlement, and unfair treatment created a town which evolved into a prosperous country. Independence Hall located in an area where the city of Tel Aviv first laid its foundations can be seen as the Philadelphia of Israel. Although many believe Israel and the United States are not similar in any fashion, one can simply look at both of the countries past to see similarities. The idea to form a safe-haven for Jews was the driving force that created Israel, whereas the United States strove to create a safe-haven in new unconquered land away from Europe. It is mind-boggling that two countries located literally on the opposite sides of the globe, established their own independence because of their refusal to be controlled by another power. Furthermore, being a Latino and a United States citizen, it used to be hard comparing myself to the struggles Jews faced not only in the past, but while creating the country of Israel itself.  Nevertheless, Independence Hall allowed me to draw parallels between two countries that although may seem different in many ways, both share a common history of struggles and beliefs in order to create the prosperous countries they have grown to be today. So are these two distant countries, “distant” after all?
-        -  R.S.

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