Thursday, June 20, 2013

Israel's artistic culture and safety

The Rubin museum was a very interesting. The museum is dedicated to Reuven Rubin, a Jew who immigrated to Israel and created a new type of art breaking away from the traditional styles in Europe. His art became tart of the Jewish community so he created the art of the Israel in a sense. Every single painting of Rubin’s has a full backstory which I kept on tying back to the Independence Hall and the overall history of Israel. I thought it was very cool that the time Rubin arrived in Tel Aviv it was still brand new. I remember from his self-portrait, he said that Israel was just desert  and he painted that but going back to the independence museum it ties back to  seeing the picture of the 40 families  gathered around the desert to start the well-known city of Tel Aviv. An observation I made in the past 2 days a lot of military helicopters around the beach constantly going back and forth every few minutes. Seeing those helicopters I see how strict and tight Israel’s security is and it shows that Israel is ready to protect its people. 


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